Q: Will the polish dry if I do not have a gel lamp?

A: No, you must use a UV or LED lamp for the polish to cure/dry.

Q: Why is my polish chipping after a few days?

A: You must make sure you prep the nails correctly, buffing all of the shine off of your nail and a light dust appears but not scratching the nail bed. Make sure you have dusted off your nails and use the nail cleansing pad to remove excess dust and dehydrate the entire nail. If you have have really oily nail beds, you might have to dehydrate twice with the nail cleanse or 90% rubbing alcohol. Wait until nails are completely dry before you apply your first coat of polish. don't forget to  applying polish to the free edge of you nail or cap the edge of your nails when painting. Our extended wear top coat is not required but does give an extra shine and help make your your mani or pedi last longer.

Q: What happens if I don’t use a top coat?

A: A top coat is not needed with the polish being a one-step product.  The top coat is an added layer that does give you extra shine and wear but is not required.

Q: Can I apply more than two coats of the polish?

A: If you would like an extra coat for strength, you can apply a third coat.  Our polish is highly pigmented so you won’t need an extra coat for color just added strength.

Q: Do I need a base coat for the Gel Polish?

A: No you do not.  However, if you need or want added strength apply one coat of the Strength Gel prior to applying your polish if you have weak or brittle nails.

Q: Is your gel remover harmful or made with paint thinner?

A: Our gel remover is not harmful based on the ingredient mix and is NOT made with any paint thinner and has very little if any odor.

Q: Can I use any gel lamp with Lucid Polish?

A: Yes, however we do not guarantee the wear.  All gel lamps have different wattage which indicates the cure time and quality.  Our lamp is very high wattage and cures not only fast but thorough.

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